Thursday, November 17, 2011

Class Picture Day

I had a fellow in OH phone about possibly getting some Cotswold ewe lambs to start a flock.  He'd like to stick with the ACRA registry, so I flipped through my record book to see who was eligible and who would also be a lamb I would sell.  (Must. Not. Keep. Them. All.)

Once I had them picked out on paper we went through the lamb group and separated them into a smaller pen so I could (try) to take some pictures.  Taking decent photos of a group of milling lambs is like watching fleas in a teacup.  It's a good thing I started with fresh batteries.  They were shorn a few weeks ago so they are at an unflattering stage right now.  Typical kids.  Besides side views and butts, I took a head shot of each. 

Looks studious.  Voted "Most Likely to Succeed".

Clueless party girl.  Voted "Most Likely to Make the Headlines".

The Drama Queen.  Voted "Most Likey to Make it to Hollywood".

Gets along with everyone.  Voted "Miss Congeniality."

Teacher's pet.  Voted "Miss Goody-Four-Shoes".

Very athletic.  Voted "Miss Jock-ette".

Biggest hair.  Voted "Most Likely to Be a Cheerleader".

At least I didn't catch anybody with their eyes closed and mouth open.  This time.

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  1. Oh they are all so nice. Teacher's Pet looks like Buddy in the face, so I think she'd be a good choice. Very athletic has cool hair. I'd stay away from any sheep classified "studious" haha.