Sunday, December 18, 2011

Buzzing With Activity

Although it was only 12 degrees this morning we are still without any snow to speak of.  All this open weather has allowed Andy to keep working on outside chores.  Once the basement was packed full of firewood it was time to get serious about the fuel for the outside wood boiler which supplies heat to his wood shop and my wool shop.  Heavier trunk wood was cut to length and divided into smaller pieces on the tractor-mounted wood splitter.  Now the big pile of limb wood which has been waiting since early summer is being converted into chunks sized to fit the boiler.  No more hiding place for woodies!

Working through the pile of limb wood.

Each length of wood is hoisted and carried to the faithful tractor-powered buzz rig, set in the cradle and pushed into the spinning blade.


The saw blade makes a distinctive ringing noise as each cut is completed and the rpms shoot back up with the load of chewing through wood taken away.

Making another pile of work

When the pile of cut pieces gets big enough to interfere with more dropping onto it, it's time to take a break and stack the pieces.

Closing in on 20 cords

The old saying is "wood warms twice", but in reality it's more like six times by the time it's ready to chuck in the boiler. 

I've heard that people pay good money to go to a gym and do repetitive weight lifting type exercise.  I'm thinking we should be selling memberships..........


  1. And so perfectly stacked... That Andy ;-).

  2. I have always said that I should sell memberships to the farm for people who want to lose weight.

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