Friday, February 17, 2012

Better Than Nip

If you're an indoor-only housecat, what's better - more exciting, more alluring, more satisfying - than catnip?

Sheepy smelling sheep coats, right off the sheep.

We can keep these, right?

Today was a work day.  We went through the flock and gave vaccinations (doing it now allows time for the moms to mount an immune response to the vaccine and have lots of antibodies in their milk for the lambs), changed some coats that were getting too tight, and also moved a few bred ewes into the lamb-and-geriatrics group so they can get a little grain.  Most of the ewes won't need grain until very near lambing and into lactation, but some are having their first lambs and still growing themselves and some ewes are getting old and can use the extra nutritional boost during these last few weeks to be in good condition at lambing.

We got finished in good season with no damage to anyone - always a plus.  Some of the coats we took off large ewes weren't especially dirty and went back on medium sized ewes who needed larger duds.  In the end I had a pile of half a dozen worn coats.  Before going back into the storage bins they get washed of course, so that meant dropping them on the floor of the mudroom while getting out of work clothes.  The cats were on them in a trice.  There's something about that sheepy, barny smell that draws them instantly.  I let them wallow in the pile for a bit, then down to the washer they went.

I'd be annoyed, but I'm too......happy........ya know?

Better than drugs and no dangerous side effects.


  1. One of my dogs, Magic, feels the same way about horse blankets.