Thursday, May 24, 2012

Look in the Dictionary Under 'Spring Rain'...

.... and you'll see this picture.

Light, warm rain on open ground
This is the epitome of spring weather here, complete with birdsong, peepers and tree frogs calling, and the wonderful smell of wet growing things.  If I could bottle this and sell it in the city I'd be filthy rich.  (Mind you, I know I'm already rich in family, friends and lifestyle, but I mean the kind of rich that would get the buildings painted, old fences replaced, landscaping hired out and maid service till I die.)

Phlox is blooming in front of our neighbor's unused pasture and the tiger lilies are looking quite healthy despite the beating they took from temps in the 20s a couple of weeks ago.

Phlox in May, lilies in July

The non-sunny weather is very helpful right now.  Andy is doing the big spring barn cleaning.  It's a two day affair - clean and bed  half the barn one day and the other half the second day.  Since the sheep can't be trooping back and forth to get into the bunk while he's running the skidsteer, we set up temporary gates to keep them on pasture all day and it's essential that the weather be such that they won't suffer from heat.  This is perfect for our purpose.  It's also working out well that he can spread all this manure on the field beyond the one that's being fitted in the top picture.  It will get turned under when he plows and be used by the corn that's going there.

.....chomp, chomp, chomp.......

Lambs are belly-deep in nice grass.

So many shades of green.........

 Of course, in about 2 weeks we'll be fretting about rain because we'll be trying to make dry hay, but in the meantime we'll just enjoy it.  We've certainly waited long enough.

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  1. I think we need to work on the bottling issue. I'd love maid service for life!!!