Friday, June 15, 2012

A Truly Amazing Gift

I received an unexpected gift the other day.  Actually, now that I think about it, all gifts are unexpected - that's why they're called gifts.   So let me start over.  I received an unexpected package in the mail and in it was a gift from a fiber friend/customer. 

She took the time to crochet an afghan from her handspun yarns and send it to me just ...because.  Since it takes me forever to complete a project, I'm completely agog that anyone would take the time and effort to do such a nice thing (for a not-close-family-member, no less) and without the occasion of a major holiday looming.  In my mind, this is a major investment of work (not to mention material) since she both spun the yarn and then crocheted the afghan.

A sampler, and then some!

I think she must have included a few yards of just about everything she's ever spun. I'm sure only a small portion of it is wool from our sheep.  There's a good bit of alpaca in there, along with wool, and some if it has a nice halo, so maybe angora?  Most if it is natural colors, but there are a few areas where dyed yarn is included.

So excited I didn't even realize I was shooting my own shadow in the pic

I'm truly humbled.  She's not online......but thanks, Mary.

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