Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Momcat and Kittens

Kitten season started early this year and pleas from the local humane societies center around the need for funds to care for kittens who have ended up there through one avenue or another.  We have had kittens dropped off here previous years by cowardly or stupid people who figure any property with a barn is a fine place to dispose of their irresponsibility.  We have adopted our share of waifs over the years, but we can't afford any. more. cats. and hold our breath when we hear cars slow down and then speed up in the middle of the night. 

This time some piece of dirt dropped a young momcat and 3 little kittens just past my neighbor's house in the brush past the hedgerow.  Holly actually found the first little furball cowering in the weeds six inches off the pavement while we were walking (this dog has a nose like you wouldn't believe) and long story short my neighbor (and my cousin!) Diane is now caring for a momcat and 3 kittens.

Here's their story -

On June 19 a brown tabby cat and her 3 5-week old female kittens were dropped off on the side of the road.  They were tame, starving and two had infected wounds.  As of 7/11 they have been to the vet twice and are healed and doing fine.  The kittens are now 8 weeks old - healthy, friendly and playful.  THEY NEED HOMES.  If you have room in your heart and can give any of them a forever home please call Diane Galletta at 607-522-5694 (home) or 516-732-3700 (cell).

As everyone knows, there are already too many homeless pets for the shelters to house and so none around here will admit them.  Lollypop Farm is a fine facility doing a fantastic job, but the reality is that if animals come in the front door and the cages are already full, someone else has to be put down to make room so she really, really doesn't want to take them there.   Diane fears that she's already teetering on the edge of being the local Crazy Cat Lady and just cannot keep these kitties (we won't divulge the number of 4-footed residents at her house). 

Please consider adopting any of these sweeties.  Any of them, including the mom who is very loving and gentle with people, would brighten any household.  Let's get these little guys into new homes and help balance out the actions of the piece of crap that dumped them on the side of the road.


  1. They look like darling baby kittehs :-). Thanks Diane for helping them out.

  2. I sent a link to my daughter. One of her best friends happens to be looking for a cat/kitten. I allowed as how I have a deal for you! Hope it works out.