Monday, August 6, 2012

The Next Step

With the new concrete floor in place the next step in enlarging the ram area is actual construction.  To build something you need lumber.  To get lumber you need logs.  To get logs you go to the woods.  (Ahem.  Your own woods.  Not trying to suggest that timber theft is an approved method of obtaining materials.)

Hemlock number one.

Hemlock number two.

Logs cut to length and brought home on the dump trailer.

And put over the mill and sawn into the needed sizes.

Meanwhile, in the barn one of the cats has given the new floor the seal of approval.

It wasn't us.

Don't worry guys, you were never under suspicion.


  1. Well, I guess that's *one* way to do it ;-). So you can use it green?

  2. I need to remember to tell Don that Andy has a sawmill. Does he mill for anyone?