Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tick Tock

I'd like to think we were halfway through winter but I know we're not.  Still, the season is marching along and we're marching along with it (more or less). 

Andy has started bringing hay down from the upper barn to the lower one as what was stashed away there is nearly gone.  It's nice that we've had a thaw so the snowbank shrank enough that the elevator could be gotten where it needed to be without too much trouble.

Our January spinning guild meeting is always a fun, well-attended event.  I saw 51 names on the sign in sheet.  Besides wanting badly to get out of the house, and added enticement is that January is our Chinese Raffle. This guild fundraiser is a way for members to turn their unwanted stash into someone else's treasure and put a bit of money in the coffers by way of ticket sales.

Every little brown paper bag is there to receive tickets for one submitted item.  You can buy as many tickets as you wish and put them in as many (or as few) bags as you want. 

There were tables covered in bags around to the right out of this picture, too.  There were very few items that didn't get at least one ticket in the bag.  Those that were orphans......went home as doorprizes to people whose names were drawn from the basket where allll the spent tickets had gone.  We just might see those goodies again on the tables next year.
And so the winter wears on and the wind keeps time in the snow with a weedy metronome.


  1. One of my favorite meetings of the year! We may just want to feature your photos on the new website...nice pics of the festivities.