Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Stills - Circles

This will be an easy one this week, you can find circles everywhere. For a real challenge find some circles in odd places.....

Part of our buzz pile.  As yet unbuzzed.  If we don't need it this year we will be all happy that it's seasoned for next year.
Circles within circles.
A circular tire that seems pretty darn happy to be retired. you see the sheep face??


  1. Before I scrolled down I was thinking Hey- a sheep face!!! :-D. Ice shots!

  2. Firewood was a popular choice for this challenge- I'd sure like to have that pile of yours in my backyard. Yes, that's a cute sheep face!

  3. Good ones, love the Sheep face.

  4. I saw sheep face first...then read what it really was.