Friday, December 13, 2013

Snowy Weather

OK, I'm telling myself it's "festive" but the cold and snow are wearing on me already and it's not quite the middle of December yet. 

We are getting some lake effect snow from Lake Erie but it's nothing compared to the crazy-pants amounts falling east of Lake Ontario.  Last I heard towns such as Redfield and Lacona have gotten seventy inches (yes, 7-0 inches) and they are expecting a few more FEET daily for the foreseeable future. Yikes.

Our sheep are couch potatos who are more than happy to stay indoors eating and sleeping, having sheepy conversations with each other and not bothering to get up when I have to step OVER them......Bug!

"It's called 'conserving energy'.  Sheesh.
Crumbles ventured out into the yard to nibble a little fresh snow.  Water buckets and tubs get filled four times daily (after breaking and scooping out ice - sigh) but snow makes a nice change, I guess.
Kisses wanted none of it.  She looked out at us, pondered a minute and then went back inside.
"Um.... you know it's snowing.... right?  And you're getting it on you.....  Just sayin'. "
The rams were taken out of the breeding groups at the end of November but we left the ewe groups separated as they were.  Keeping bred ewes quiet during early gestation improves retention of an early pregnancy and mixing the whole flock back together would surely have led to lots of roughhousing as ewes tried to re-establish their place in the flock.  It's more fiddly to feed and water each group but it's really less chaotic than having 70 ewes all run back in the barn at once trying to get to the "best" spot at the feeder.  
The bottle babies and a few oldsters are housed together and get some grain. 
Daisy, Fortune and Flopsy popping up to say hi. Old Alexandria in the background.

Daisy is a bit of a brat and bosses her "sisters" around.  A lot.  She's also picked up the bad habit of jumping on people like a dog would.  I don't know where she got that.  We certainly never encourage that sort of behavior and yesterday she got bopped on the head with the handle of the sieve I use for scooping ice from buckets for jumping on me with my back turned.  Ha ha. Won't be so funny when I fall forward and break a wrist trying to catch myself.

"Daisy, Mom says you were bad."
"Grown ups have no sense of humor.  Now buzz off, twerp."
The day will come before too long when pens are combined and Daisy will find out she's not as big as she thinks she is.


  1. The picture of Crumbles against the half-blue background is beautiful. Poster worthy. :-)

  2. Alas, I am in the same position...
    Not as much snow, but negative temps. I'm in Central Utah and I have St. Croix's. They just take it as it comes, bless their hearts. Greatest mob of sheep I've ever owned and wonderfully hardy.
    Yes, I too am sick of breaking ice and checking for Christmas lambs in these frigid temps.
    I love the name of your blog ~ makes me laugh every time I read it...
    Good Luck my fellow sheep raiser - it's going to be a long, long, winter~!
    Jen @ Lace Crazy...

  3. And you do realize the first day of winter hasn't arrived yet. I shouldn't whine (but I already have) since my 8 months of summer has just ended. Take care and watch out for jumping sheep.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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