Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Goin' to the Store

It's taken a while to get myself coordinated but I've finally been able to put a lot of our wares into my cousin Carolyn's new shop - The Fiber and Art Emporium.  She just opened around Valentine's day and is still working on a website.  Actually getting the store stocked with local artists' wares and setting up the day to day operation of the business had to take precedence.  Having a brick and mortar storefront for our goods to be seen was really helpful when she and I shared a nook in the former Lake Country Patchwork quilt store and I'm glad to still be able to have things for sale in Hammondsport

Andy built new shop counters for her.

I have a great space between two tall windows.  The high ceilings and track lighting sure work to everyone's advantage.

I've put in roving, yarn, sheets of felt, silk sliver and hankies, shawl sticks and some other small things.  I still need to put in the drop spindle kits I make (I was out of baskets and Andy needs to make me some more drop spindles) and of course more roving and spinning batts - as soon as I get those made. Andy has a standing order with Carolyn for rug hooking frames and he'd really like to get a skein winder in there too.  I need to fill those shelves!

 The store currently features the creations of over 30 local artists and also includes a lot of rug hooking goods that Carolyn and I created together, particularly dyed fabric.  Other sellers have made great displays of finished knitted, woven and felted goods, knitting notion bags, excellent quality large totes/purses, painted furniture and wall art, and a large selection of Old Friend Footwear.  She has a roster of classes lined up and is always seeking more teachers of all things "arty".

With Carolyn's awesome people skills and the range of goods available I'm expecting the shop to become a real "destination" for fiber folk and anyone seeking a fun shopping experience.


  1. Good job on counters and your display. Good luck, wishing you a huge success in your venture in everything sheep.

  2. That is awesome!!! I hope it is a great success for all involved :)

  3. Looks awesome! And yes, Carolyn is the perfect person to do this :-D.

  4. Oooh, I would love to browse in that shop with lots of money in my pocket! :)