Monday, May 19, 2014

Like a Hole in the Head

That's how much we needed another cat.  However, people who drop off cats at farms aren't the type to ask first.  So...... meet "Kittin".

We haven't had a calico in all the time we've been married.  Although male calicos do occur, this one turns out to be a female - nature's kitten factory.

"Hey, I resent that.  We just do what we're good at."
Although she doesn't seek petting she is very talkative and doesn't mind being stroked but is leery of the other cats who so far have only hissed at her and not stooped to fisticuffs.  I'm sure they'll come to an understanding sooner or later. She doesn't mind attention from Holly too much but did swat at her when Holly got too thorough with The Big SmellOver.  
As soon as we could get our hands on her and stuff her in a carrier transport her to the vet we had her tested for Feline Leukemia and when she tested negative we proceeded with vaccinations and then a spay.  I finally returned old Natasha to the barn after her winter stay in the wool shed and kept Kittin there so I could watch her.  She took to kibble and the cat pan just fine.  The one little stitch just came out today and she also came back to the barn.
Ivan says,
"Kids these days!  When I was her age we had to walk ourselves to the vet.... uphill both ways through snow over your whiskers.....and we had to catch our own food.....mice had fangs back then and spines in their fur like porkypines.   No such thing as cat litter.....if you wanted to scratch in the sand you had to go find yourself an anthill.....and another thing -   <grumble, grumble>...."


  1. Lucky little Kittin to have found you. I hope karma bites her former people hard.

  2. Pretty Kittin! I hope she learns to appreciate just what a good place she landed in!

  3. Oy! Darling Kittin. I snorted my tea through my nose during Ivan's monologue...

  4. you are too funny! BUt I love ya for loving her and making room

  5. She has such big pretty eyes!