Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Stills Challenge: In the Air

For this week we are looking for things...... in the air. If its not connected to earth it will work..:-)

This helicopter was very busy over our farm in June of 2007 when the gas company was using seismic surveys to determine the best places to drill for natural gas.  This 'copter flew all over ferrying bundles of cables and dropping them into inaccessible places for the ground crews to use.  I don't know what this kind of helicoper is called but notice that there is no tail rotor but there are two sets of overhead rotors which spun counter to each other (and timed so they didn't hit each other!) which stabilized the machine and kept it from spinning in flight.  The machine is also very narrow - just wide enough for the pilot and some instruments.

Here's a better picture of it grounded showing off the twin upper rotors.

We really enjoyed watching him buzz around!

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