Thursday, October 1, 2015

Enjoy Each Day While You May

A walk with Holly on a nice September day is always a treat.  She's only business-like if she thinks we're walking next door for a play date with Angel and Brandy.  Otherwise she pokes along sniffing everything, listening for the occasion mousie in the grass and leaving messages for the rest of the world that reads that sort of thing.  The other day, late afternoon, we were down on the lower farm walking along the lane where the field meets the woods.  That section of field didn't get worked this year and grew up to goldenrod, asters, milkweed, various grasses, thistles.... in other words, lots of tall weeds.  Holly was busy nosing into a multiflora rose bush on the edge of the woods, probably looking for the chipmunk who had been swearing at us as we approached.  I was happy to stand with my face to the sun and soak up some heat as all too soon it will be over for another year. The light was coming at a low angle and shining through puffy seed heads and spent foliage and I noticed something bright and pretty.  See it?

Someone else was enjoying the afternoon sun's rays, basking while he/she could.

Apparently I looked pretty non-threatening because I got very close without alarming it.  I think it's a Checkerspot but I'm not sure - maybe a Pearl Crescent.  Either would be likely given the habitat.

Whatever the case, we shared a moment in the sun and I'm glad we met.  The days are filled with little blessings if you just slow down and look.


  1. Oh, what a beautiful friend to meet along the way... Yes, we still need to take a few extra minutes - it's just so beautiful this time of year :-)

  2. All those little blessings add up to a happy life. :)

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