Friday, December 25, 2015

They Can't Take It Back

The current thinking is that we're going to pay later in an ugly way for the unseasonably warm weather this month, but nobody can take back the two months of non-winter that we (at least ME) have been enjoying in this area.  Tough on snow plow businesses and ski resorts but there's no snow or ice underfoot and the water lines in the barn don't freeze and we have the bedroom windows cracked open and coats are pretty much optional during chores so I'm not looking at this gift horse too closely.

Christmas presents have mostly been sent (still working a bit on one) including one Finished Object from the knitting needles:  a scarf of natural colored angora from handspun yarn that was some of my first, so it's been marinating in the stash for literally 20+ years.  It's for my 91 years young godmother and while she hasn't had need of it yet this year I'm sure it will get cold enough to be useful.

It's based pretty much on the Seafoam Scarf which was the popular knit a couple of years ago.  Typical of me to ride the backside of any knitting trend.  I'm pretty sure I have a thorough knowledge of yarn overs now.   ;-)

  The sheep seem to be enjoying the weather too.  They aren't too warm even in a heavy fleece and standing in the yard while we fill hay feeders inside must be pleasant or they'd migrate into the feed bunk in the shade.

Minnie in front, Macaroon behind and Salsa to the right looking this way.

Minnie and Fuzz - "Take your's nice out here."

And the nicest Christmas present is Peanut's progress.  We can't say 'Christmas Miracle' because it took a solid six weeks of medical attention and bandages but the deeper wound on her leg has finally closed.  Nice pink skin and no discernible lameness.

We're leaving the bandage off but will keep her penned for a while yet until the skin toughens up and reaches a sturdy, normal thickness that can withstand the inevitable bumps and scuffs from other sheep at the hay feeders.

"I is healed!"

"And I wants to go over THERE!"

Hang on Peanut, the new year is coming and I think your sentence will be up!


  1. So glad to hear that Peanut is better! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Wow ~ what a nice "winter".... (watch out for the shoe to drop!) Yea for Peanut and all your diligent care! So good to hear. Merry Christmas,and 2016 is right around the corner!

  3. Ps. Your scarf is really pretty!

  4. Hooray for Peanut!
    Hooray for your seafoam scarf - and your young at heart godmother!

    I knit a seafoam for DD last year - I think it's a Ravelry rite of passage. I suppose the February Sweater is too, and/or a Stephen West shawl, but I'm behind the curve on those too. The top-down raglan sweater is also a trend that's passed me by. And I don't have the justification that I've been busy sewing sheep coats or mucking out barns.

    82°F in Savannah on Christmas. The grass is green and growing, things are pollinating. I predict Mom Nature will turn the A/C on *bigtime* the second week of January, and we'll all be wishing we could grow fleece.

  5. You IS healed Peanut and many thank you's to your Mummy for such good care. You're so cute!!!

  6. No two ways about it, so far we have caught a real break in the weather. Savings all around. Peanuts leg looks great...she will be so happy to be with the others. Happy New Year!

  7. Merry Christmas, what a beautiful knitting style..and how fabulous "Peanuts" leg looks!

  8. I've been very grateful for the weather too and I hope it continues. I'm so glad Peanut is better. Merry Christmases!

  9. Hello Robin, I'm so glad Peanut is healing so well and soon will be able to join the rest of the eaters!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year for you, your family and your fuzzies!