Tuesday, May 31, 2016

That Fella Over There With The Hella Good Hair

Cotswolds are known for their long wool including on their foreheads.  Other breeds either have clean heads with no wool growing there or poofy, fuzzy wool which just grows in all directions.   With Cotswolds, wool hangs in locks which tend to felt with time and wear into little dreadlocks.  Some most of our sheep end up with so much trash in their "hair" that we just clip the locks off.  They aren't attractive and pose the threat of getting pokey things too near eyeballs.

Neville, on the right, is all Cotswold and has 'nice hair'.  Castillo, on the left, has a small percentage of Cotswold in his background but he got the good hair gene too so I left his on for fun.

Brick, on the left, is one of those boys with no significant wool on his forehead so he gets a buzz cut all over.

Communing with the wild and dangerous rams - Brick (notice he's licking my arm), Wee Guy with his one wee crumpled horn scur, and Castillo.

Just to be funny I put a hair scrunchy on Castillo.  Gives him a Dr. Seuss look!

"Dude!  What's going on with your hair?  Is that one of those 'man buns' that are trendy right now??"

I didn't leave the scrunchy on very long as it was attracting a bit too much attention from the other rams.  I wonder if human guys with man buns get beat up too?  ;-)


  1. Oh wow, I can't believe other rams noticed Castillo's man bun! You are so good to your sheep. And I love visiting your pens to see what's happening. Have a great day. Jo

  2. Oh, my! Man buns have reached the ovine world! Next- Raybans, for the totally cool Ram About Town...

  3. Love the Man bun! Should do that with our alpaca boys, I can not believe the other sheep noticed....

  4. Love the cool hair club ~ especially in a scrunchy :-)

  5. He must really wonder about your taste in Sheepwear right now:)

  6. I saw a man-bun at a building site the other day. I think they must now be officially manly. :)