Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dog Day Afternoon

Angel is recovering well from knee surgery and can now Go Walkies on leash with Holly as long as there's no vigorous romping around.  The girls were keen to go down the road and when either one stopped to investigate something the other one came over to see.  Must be like shopping with a friend - "Oooh, look at this!"

Crossing the town line the road changes from paved to dirt.

A nice slow stroll downhill is fun even when it's hot but then you have to turn and walk back.

"Mom, the ditch is full of buttercups, not water!  That's just wrong!"

But back at the yard the big water bowl was filled to the brim and big drinks were had, followed by a flop on the grass.  Holly even dipped one foot in to cool off.  That's all she would have done even if the bowl were a pool - she's not a water dog.

A walk with a pal, a drink and then a rest in the shade - that's the way summer is supposed to be!


  1. Having black fur is really hot!

  2. BFF's :-) Glad the knee is doing good!
    Love the buttercups ~ haven't seen them forever.

  3. What a lovely place to walk!