Tuesday, January 10, 2017


That was fast!  The makeover is done and our website is back in action!  Take a look and let us know what you think.  If you should find any broken links or dysfunction please shoot us an email, PM or leave a comment here so we can fix it.  The site should display properly on all platforms including mobile devices.  

When I realized our Windows Vista operating system wasn't going to get updates from Explorer or Chrome anymore it became clear we needed a new computer. Lots of sites were becoming unavailable with any browser or displayed so strangely they were unusable.  Problem was, our old site was built and edited on software that would not be compatible with the newer operating systems.   So a new site that could be managed on a new computer was necessary.  Darn that fast-moving technology!

Giant thanks to the oh-so-patient Scott at DSD Webworks for creating the site in 2003 and now updating it. We can't say enough good things about his technical abilities, eye for good design and patience when it comes to someone (OK... it's me) who's more comfortable working with animals than computers.

Here's hoping it lasts as long as we do!!


  1. Looks great, the site loads great. I love that you've kept up Duke's photo; he's such a handsome chap.

  2. Love the photo and what you have written on your sidebar. I wonder if that will happen to me if I get a new computer.

  3. Alas, technology is not yet like Star Trek where even alien computers can manage to communicate between systems. And if the computers have a hard time learning new stuff it doesn't bode well for my middle aged brain trying to keep up!