Monday, February 13, 2017

Assisted Living

Getting old can be tough whether you're human or a four legged critter.  Your teeth can give you trouble (or jump ship altogether), arthritis makes it painful to get around, it's hard to keep your weight up, your eyesight may fail and even your toenails get thick and hard to cut!  Hopefully you live where someone cares and tries to help make old age less of a hardship.

We offer "assisted living" for the oldest flock members. (Thecrazysheeplady in KY has Del Boca Vista for her geriatric friends).  If you are getting to an age where the other sheep push you around or you just need more time and better hay in the feeder you get moved here.  We even divided it further into two smaller groups because Pickles is a bully who punches anyone she can is assertive.  She's in a pen with girls that are bigger and don't take any guff,

Pickles, Fiesta, Kahlua and Gilly

The adjacent pen houses Dollar, India, Bunny, Ruby......

"I have teefers, they just wobble some."

And Bug.

"I have teefers and a good appetite!"

With the passing of Drambui and Alexandria, Bug has recently picked up the unwanted title of 'most needy old ewe' by becoming quite arthritic in her front legs and having trouble getting around.  (Kind of like being the oldest man in the world -you don't really want the title but you don't want to give it up either!!!)    She's now on anti-inflammatories and we're hoping for a boost in her ability to get around without hobbling. 

And Kittin is still in kitty assisted living in the wool shop.  She's fat and happy and impaired to the point that it's not safe to let her try to handle the rigors of being an outside cat.  But with the help of Aunt Julie's newest catnip toy she's trying to manage.  ;-)


  1. You are dear people to take such loving care of all your "elders". They all look very well fed and happy.
    I hope you din't get too much snow from today's storm.

  2. You just made my day! All those sweet creatures, living the happy life, being cared for by lovely humans.

  3. Senior "hoomins" should have it so good! Thanks for being so altruistic.

  4. I was laughing as I started reading, but life is bittersweet! So precious that you give such loving care to you flock family. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Entries like this do us all a lot of good. It's so incredibly hard to be a shepherd and have to make decisions for your animals. It's lovely to see them so well cared-for. I agree we should all have it so good as we get older. Personally, I plan to put on ears and a woolly coat and show up on your doorstep.

  6. What a sweet post! Thanks for sharing. How old is gorgeous Kittin? She sure looks fat & sassy and agile enough to play. Hope she carries on for a long while.

  7. Thet are so lucky! And still cute, too :-)

  8. What a great place to live out their days. You are a special person.

  9. What a beautiful post, that warmed my heart reading it. Congratulations on your generosity and love for the older critters. :)

  10. Love reading this very nice post!!! So happy for those cute creatures!!! They are so lucky to have you as their family:)