Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cleaning House

Or actually, the barn.  Cleaning the house happens...... let's say 'infrequently'.  Cleaning the barn happens on a much more regular schedule.  Cleaning out the winter bedding pack with the skidsteer before lambing is a big job, but one that needs doing and today Andy finished the bigger section of the ewe barn.

Hey, did the floor just get lower?

I also had to get the fleece shelves ready for the new clip. 

Are these not the most magnificent storage shelves ever?  They have a tar paper roof to keep off dust and cobwebs and weird crap that occasionally falls from the gap between the ceiling and the wall.  Andy just added doors and wire mesh to keep out the barn cats.  I learned that time plus the weight of a sleeping cat will felt a bag of raw fleece.  :-/  We will not speak of the identical shelves on the other side of the barn which are full of fleece stash.  I DO have plans for that wool.  Really.

Ready and waiting.

 First round of shearing starts on Friday.  My shearer can handle about  40 ewes in a session and we've just sorted through and pulled out those which have the biggest udders to do first.  By this time tomorrow a lot of the space will be occupied with fresh fleece just waiting to go to the folks who reserved them.

Bug says, "Please, can you do me next?  I'm ready."

Don't worry, she can see.  The curls over her forehead obstruct her eyes from this angle, but her eyes aren't really covered with wool.


  1. Awesome shelves! Bugs curls are so shiny and manageable. What 'product' does she use?

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