Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Odometer Rolls Over

Time goes so fast.  Everybody says that, but sometimes you experience a little event that really brings it home.  Check out this little cutie-patootie that got an ear tag today.


Now check out the number on the ear tag.........number 1000.  I"m pretty sure I started with 001.  Wow.  I know I had to replace some lost tags each year so this number isn't exact, but this means I"m pushing 1000 lambs born here.  I know some people have that many born in a year, but for me this is a big number.  I've ordered more tags and started over with 001 instead of launching into the 4 digit numbers.  I wonder when, or if, I'll hit 1000 again.

Something else that's turning a corner......the calendar.  Today is the last day of March.  Spring should be here, right?   We got this.

The view down the valley that the sheep enjoy.

Crappity-crap crap, if I must say so.  We are getting so weary of winter weather.  Still, east of us they are supposed to get 12+ inches tonight.  April Fool's - har de har har.

But, as long as it's cold and snowy it still feels right to spend time spinning.  Just in time for it to NOT be spring, I got back two rovings I had done at Zeilinger's Wool Mill.  

Brown Sugar and Pewter

I've been out of both for some time.  The Brown Sugar is a blend of dark red alpaca and white Cotswold lamb, and the Pewter is straight natural colored Cotswold.  The Brown Sugar has an amazing soft hand, and the Pewter is a light, clear gray with no overtones of brown.  And it's light enough to dye if you want.  I've spun both and really like them, now it's time for someone else to have some fun.


  1. Hey, its Kristi and Essex over here in Ohio! so glad I found you, though that might be bad cuz I might get tempted;) I held off breeding Essex as I wanted another year of growth on her but this coming Fall she will be bred to my black Cotswold ram and he is very excited to hear this news! I picked up a white Romney ewe and wether and they have bonded nicely with Essex, must be the white factor:) Hope all is well with you and your lambs!

  2. Nice milestone! And now for a testimonial...Brown Sugar rocks! Spins like a dream, even more fun to knit, you can't go wrong with it!