Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Soooo Hot.......

........ that this is the temperature INside the house.

Because I'm cold if the temp is less than 68, I must. not. complain.  And I can take it, really.  But I feel sorry for everyone else who's suffering, like the sheep and the hubby.

So what fun farmy thing did we do today?  We sent a tractor trailer load of ear corn from our corn crib to PA.  At 7:30 this morning it looked like this.

Tractor powers elevator, elevator carries ears to trailer.

I offered to spell Andy with the shovel but he was kind of in the zone so I just brought water.  Andy is the shirtless one, the other guy in the crib is the truck driver and the guy in red is 'helping' the trucker.  I hope he's getting paid enough.

Wow.  That looks hard.  Maybe I'll just watch for a while, you know, to see how it's done.

By 10:30 they had emptied 3 bays of that crib and moved to another crib to finish the load with some older corn.  We don't want to sell all we have until we have enough from this year's crop for the sheep this winter.  If this drought continues we might not get any corn from what we planted.  When you can, you plan to have enough extra feed so that a crop failure won't be a total catastrophe. The weight scale down at the truck stop showed they had loaded just under 27 tons.

After lunch Andy headed to Penn Yan with corn to be made into grist for the sheep.  The lambs are still getting a creep ration especially since the pastures are withering.  You know it's bad when the weeds are dying.  Before heading out he got the boiler going ( ! ) so that I'd have hot water to wash wool.

It's so hot the cats have melted.

Ugh.  I'm boneless.  Help me.

Hang in there Calvin, it's got to cool off sometime soon.


  1. We feel like we have melted here too! I'm ready for some cooler weather!

  2. Betsy seems impervious to the heat. She races around the barn acting silly, climbing up stall walls... We don't see any other cats all day. And sometimes they don't even come up to eat until well after normal.