Monday, May 6, 2013

At Last

Spring has been a long time coming this year.  There were no teasing warm days in March or April.  We just hung on to winter and temps that couldn't crack 40 for weeks.  Things finally changed last week and we've had full sun and temps in the 70 range.  That brought on the pasture enough that we could start introducing the flock to green grass again after seven months of being on dry hay.

This is the small pasture directly adjacent to the barn yard we call the Baby Pasture.  It will only last a few days even though we only allow them a limited grazing period to help them acclimate to fresh forage.  Sheep have no self control and would eat themselves sick on this lovely stuff.

Of course the lambs have never been beyond the fence and everything gets thoroughly investigated.  Apparently, bare dirt is the best. stuff. ever.

The ewes don't waste any time or energy - they just graze as fast as they can (although they do run to another spot if they think someone has something better than they do.)

This is a dreadful picture of him, but this little guy has very cool moorit and white markings and is going to live in KY at Equinox Farm when he's weaned along with a companion or two.
But these lambies have a few more weeks with mom before that happens.

I'm sure the time will flash past like lightning.


  1. Hi baby :-). For some reason I'm thinking you are going to be "Daniel", but will have to see if that truly fits you.

  2. There he is! What a cutie. Can't wait to see what buddies he brings along.

  3. So good to have green again finally. The flock looks great out there munching away.

  4. What a beautiful photo series. Thank you so much for sharing.