Monday, June 17, 2013

Big Lots

As Monday's go, today was a pretty good one.  We're both starting to feel like we're Getting Things Done.  Some days all you do is tread water, then there are those few days where you actually make progress.

For me, it was getting the Cotswold wool ready to go to the mill.  There it is - one hundred pounds of skirted, sorted, reasonably uniform wool from about ten fleeces.  It's going to be turned into four different weights of yarn by Stonehedge Fiber Mill

Isn't it purty?

As I sort through each fleece I separate the very nicest for the yarn and put the rest (a bit shorter, maybe a bit discolored) into the bag to be washed and dyed for roving.  I've already accumulated enough to have this roving done....

...a nice big batch of twenty-two pounds.  It was supposed to be Beneath the Waves but I put in way more green than was called for so now I need to give this colorway its own name.

Under the Sea?  I'm still spinning a sample skein so the colors may speak more loudly to me after the fiber is yarn.  I've got almost enough accumulated of another colorway to have more roving made.  I'll keep Diane at Acorn Works busy.

Andy was able to knock down a whole field of hay today.

The orchard grass component of it is older than we'd like but the alfalfa is just right.  Last Saturday he baled the two pastures that he cut almost two weeks ago.  They will only make bedding, but thanks to his diligence in keeping it fluffed up the forage didn't mold or rot so it wasn't a total loss.  You can only do what the weather allows.

The yearlings have had the last of their backyard pasture today.  Tomorrow I'll swing the fence off to the north side of the woodworking shop and let them work on the grass over there.  The netting is working out very well, really, although I still don't go out of sight or earshot of them for very long.

They aren't quite in the house, but almost!

Monday set the bar pretty high.  Let's see what Tuesday can do.


  1. Lovely to have such a beautiful productive day. Mine was more the barely-treading-water sort so it's nice to hear that someone got it right:)

  2. I purchased your roving at Finger Lakes Fiber Festival, and it is luscious...anyway to get more? m. :D

  3. Speaking of big lots...the orangy/sunset-ty loveliness is just over half done. So very tempted to swipe some before FLFF!