Thursday, June 13, 2013

One Nice Day

We seem to be in a pattern of one nice day followed by three wet ones. 

The sheep made the most of it yesterday, which was beautiful.

And the rams couldn't be bothered to lift their heads for a picture.

Andy dutifully tedded the hay in the 2 fields he cut, knowing full well it would get soaked again today (which it did) but you have to keep fluffing it up to keep it from rotting if you hope to even bale it for bedding.  Then he attacked the lawn while I kept working in the wool shop. 

I got some Cotswold dyed and laid out to dry.  This is two of the three colors that make up Autumn Spice, which I'm out of.

Holly collapsed in the sun which is what I wanted to do, but didn't.  She gets depressed and bored in the house in wet weather but doesn't want to go out, either. 
"Because I'll get. wet.  Duh."

Flopsy kept a keen lookout from the knoll behind the barn in case I came to the back door to call her.  She's a clingy little lamb and believes she's Not A Sheep and isn't real happy about having to live with them (or more to the point, without me there).

One nice part about all the rain is that the sheep are really clean.  This time of year they sometimes look grimy just from barn dust and dirt.  It's been nice every night at chore time to wander through the lambs while they're eating their grain treat and look at the fleeces.  The Cotswold lambs are showing their curls and luster quite well now.  This is a nice broad-backed ram lamb from Lucky.

Another really nice Cotswold next to a crossbred lamb.

"Am I a crossbred?"

Yes, you are and you'll be going to a nice new home soon.


  1. Nice view. (top pic)
    Love the last lamb pic, adorable!

  2. LOVE your sweet sheep...LOVE your hand dyed fleece and I wish that cute little face could come live with me :)
    PS..Do you sell your fleece on-line?

  3. Oh, he's getting big. Love his face. Flopsy's pretty darn cute too.

  4. Next big rain, mine are Going Outside! Gorgeous fleeces!!! And Mr. Red and White is very cute :-D.