Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Into August

Summer is marching on and we're into the middle of August.  Every day is busy.

Andy finished putting the new wire on the new fence posts.  It should last as long as we do unless someone drives a car through it.  Don't laugh - it's happened before.

We sold a load of ear corn.  One bin about fills the trailer and was a bit light this time, weighing just over eleven tons.  Another bin will go out next week.  The driver is a nice guy and helped Andy kick and shovel the corn down to the elevator when gravity alone began to fail.

It only took a couple of hours to fill the truck.

We managed to get some second cutting alfalfa raked and baled yesterday just minutes before it rained.  After this cold front passes there is a stretch of dry clear weather predicted so I'm sure we'll be cutting as much as optimism allows.

I skirted and washed a bunch of Cotswold lamb to go with some alpaca and laid it out to dry.  I can't guarantee there won't be a few dog hairs in the roving.  Sigh.

The Steuben county fair started today and I always demo handspinning for a few hours in the Agriculture Building.  It's the quintessential  'rural county fair' experience - the smell of barbeque and hot sugar wafting in the door, the announcer calling the harness races from the grandstand, 4H kids walking their livestock past the door on the way to the arena and lots of people circulating around the exhibits and stopping to ask questions about my wheel and fiber.  I shared the immediate area with a man turning bowls on a lathe, Cornell Cooperative Extention,  and the honeybee association.  Most kids were pretty good but I heard "Don't spin the bees!" more than once as turning the clear bee frame to see the other side morphed into giving the bees a turn on The Scrambler.
If the start of the fair wasn't a certain sign, nature is beginning to whisper that Fall is coming.  Spiders are getting bigger and making webs that show up more.  This one spans the doorway with ease.
Most telling of all, the goldenrod is blooming.
It's a lovely yellow and if you look closely at it you can see each yellow finger is made up of tiny individual flowers shaped like daisies.
Busy as one is, it pays to stop and peer closely at little things.  There's always a reward.



  1. Nice fence, hope no one drives thru it, I had someone lose a trailer full of dirt last year, no safety chains, no pin, took out 60 ft of my fence on the main road where there is lots of traffic.

    So what's a little dog hair added to the roving, so sweet, she (?) thinks that's just for her.

  2. The fence looks great! Love your description of the fair. Your curls are so clean! Our goldenrod is not blooming yet, but it's close. Crazy year.

  3. Good for you on the haying! Nothing wrong with a little dog hair--with me it would maine coon cat hair. Love the spider web shot. Just cool!

  4. Waaay up here in central Saskatchewan the golden rod is blooming the odd tree is starting to take on a yellowish hue and the poison ivy is turning a pretty shade of orangish red which makes nature walks safer. Just look out for the pretty colors.

  5. Love the spider web capture! Charlotte would be proud! My but you are so very busy with such assorted tasks! Made my bones ache just reading about it!