Monday, August 5, 2013

Stuff We've Been Doing

In between trying to make hay we continue to find lots that needs doing.  We had hoped to replace a sagging fenceline along the road last year but it didn't work out.  The man who has a high tensile fencing business is kept very busy and when he was available last year the sheep had just been rotated into the pasture bound by that fence so we had to postpone.  Earlier this year he was available but Andy didn't have time free to take out the old fence.   Now the timing works for everyone.

The fence clearly has seen better days and patches aren't going to be worth the effort any longer.  The silos aren't really leaning - I guess it was me :-0

First Andy went through and pulled all the staples holding the fence to the posts.  Then he went through and used the tractor to pull each post.
Wrap chain on post.....
Lift chain with tractor bucket and pull up post.  This one was in the ground a good two and a half feet.
Once all the posts were pulled Andy rolled up the old wire and carted it and the old fence posts away.  Then he used the flail chopper to mow down all the vegetation that had been growing on the fenceline so the fencing man won't be impeded.  Seeing the pasture without that fence by the road is really, really strange.  If feels just wrong, like walking down the street naked.
The sheep are grazing a pasture behind the barn.  When they've filled up on grass they come back up the hill to sit in the shade and ruminate.  The lambs are growing well but still like to hang out with mom.

 She's not growing up!  She's my baby!

 I've managed to get some dyeing done.  This should be going to the mill this week.  I'd like my booth shelves to be really full at the fiber festival.

The purple coneflowers are starting to bloom.
Brother and sister barn kitties, Alexi and Natasha. 
We do not care for flowers.  The mouses and the birdies, yes.  And some kibbleses.
I don't really want to know all the stuff they've been doing.



  1. Are you trying to say you are slightly unbalanced? ;-)

  2. What pretty country you live in ...fence or no fence. lol