Monday, November 11, 2013

Bits and Pieces

With the distraction of the silo demolition out of the way for awhile we can get back to other jobs that need doing.  Andy split firewood in the morning and had a load to dump down cellar and stack after lunch.

He backs the trailer close to the cellar stairs and raises it until the load is almost ready to slide off....

.....but then uses an old potato hook to guide the chunks down in an orderly fashion.  There is a window directly above the cellarway and a boisterous piece of wood could create a whole new job needing immediate attention.  He built wooden wedges that can be bolted to the rear corners of the trailer and they help funnel the load into a more narrow area. Only eighteen more loads to go :-/

The apple trees are still loaded with fruit.  It's hard to believe that this many are already on the ground.  I can't begin to use them all nor give them away so the rams get half a bucket every day.  I wish I knew someone nearby raising hogs.  They would do well with them.

Holly rolled in something vile behind the corncribs this morning while we were doing chores in the upper barn. She got a serious spot-washing before breakfast and went nekkid all day while her collar dried out.

"Roll in something?  I'm sure I'd remember doing something like that."
"I'll just pretend I don't know what you're talking about."
Later in the afternoon we replaced some burned out light bulbs in the feed bunk area and the sheep were a bit alarmed to see Andy sidling along the beam halfway up the wall like a big spider.

O M G !!
That was about as exciting as it got around here today and that's OK.  So goes Monday, so goes the week.  Nothing bad happening equals good!


  1. that's a whole lot of wood
    he didn't split all that did he?
    what a man
    I adore the picture of the sheep with blankies on
    so cute

  2. We have so many apples too! I hate to see them go to waste, but I'm afraid to throw them to my "pigs" for fear one "pig" would eat too many... :-(.

    So how many loads of wood do you need for the shop?

  3. I sure hope you have a log splitter and don't have to do all that with an ax. Love the expression on the sheeps faces.

  4. Hmmmm. The look of sheepy horror is so typical .... love it. But I also noticed your nice version of the V-shaped hay feeder. Now we see how those fleeces stay so clean.