Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fog Magic

Fog plus below freezing temperatures yield some very pretty effects.  I wish it had been sunny!  It would have been dazzling.

"Boy, it was cold last night!  My ears and nose are froze!"

The farm bell was easy to read, like a rubbing off a head stone.

"Downs & Co.    Seneca Falls, NY"

Instead of plates or flakes the frost grew in crunchy, crispy little chunks.

The euonymus really got coated.

Every twig, wire, edge and surface had a delicate fringe of frost.  It was curious how the frost grew - each little stray fiber of baler twine was coated, but the twine itself wasn't encased.

Sharp edges or bumps grew frost but flat surfaces didn't so much.

"What do you think she's doing?"       "Really, I have no idea."

Nugget and Pickles  - "Take our picture!  Here, we'll stand reeeeaally close - that's bound to help."

Mickey, former bottle lamb 

A warmer and much more pet-able "frosted" sheep nose!


  1. Your frost pictures are amazingly beautiful! Here in the Portland, Oregon area we very rarely get frost like that. And Nugget, Pickles, and Mickey are so very handsome! Thank you for sharing your lovely photographs.
    Warm Regards, Lisa in Lake Oswego, Oregon

  2. Gorgeous photos! Just the way I like to see snow (far away from me). I love the hay necklaces the sheep have adorned themselves with ;)

  3. I can just feel that soft, warm nose! Although begrudgingly, I have to admit that winter can really be a beautiful thing. If it weren't so darn long....

  4. Love your snow pictures but so glad I don't have to deal, with it. My Daffodils are blooming here.

  5. So pretty! Mickey is quite handsome :-). Speaking of handsome, can you take a picture of my favorite ram?