Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Frost Feathers

Last night we apparently enjoyed perfect conditions to have this lovely coating of feathery frost appear on everything.  As much as I detest winter I certainly do appreciate that this kind of visual treat can only happen when it's real cold. 

The branches looked  like elk antlers covered in velvet.

Even this metal bird grew feathers overnight.

Holly still looked kind of rumpled and sleepy when we went to do chores.

"Is that a cat?  No, I guess not.  Why are we out here again?  Oh yeah, chore time.  Then I'm going back to my chair."

I'm sure that dogs appreciate winter in ways other than the scenery.


  1. Holly has her own feathers!!

    I've never seen this phenomena . Winter does have her little gifts.

  2. Beautiful pictures. And I'm thrilled to get to see these things secondhand. :)

  3. Winter can be lovely - especially when viewed from the warmth of inside. Holly looks like me first thing in the morning.

  4. Your pictures are lovely. This weather condition is something I never see here in the NW. I wonder how cold it has to get to make this occur? Ah, another thing to look up and learn about! Thank you so much for sharing these!