Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Shamelessly Using Lamb Cuteness make up for lack of narrative.  We've been occupied with finishing shearing the flock, sending wool out for processing, getting fleeces ready for the Maryland show and generally taking care of everyone.

Andy did finish building three creep feeders for a fellow shepherd.  These are free-standing and can be moved but are designed to stand against a wall.

They are deep enough to hold slices of hay and slanted at the front so the hay will continue to drop down as it's eaten (and also hampers little lamb feet from standing up against the grid and reaching over the top).

The bottom of each feeder is solid to catch hay fines or a grain ration and the lip in front will keep good stuff from being rooted out onto the floor.

The lambs here are growing well and doing all kinds of cute lamb things.  The gray one on the right was racing across the pen, accelerating into a blur like The Flash.

These two little boys were starting to play at head butting.

There's the 'bouncing around together in a group' event.......

About half way through, notice the white guy that jumps so hard he falls down.

Everybody chews on hay, either for real eating purposes or just for something to do.

And the older ones have started to chew a cud. (Sorry this is grainy - I tried the zoom function on the phone).

And we've finally had some sun and warm weather.  

If there were room and time I'd join them!


  1. Soooo much cute I can hardly stand it!! How blessed you are!

  2. You have THE Bounciest, Stinkin Cute Lambies! Thanks for these videos ~ precious!

  3. Oh my what cuteness! Love all the hopping and jumping and sweet baaing! Thanks so much for posting these delightful videos!

  4. Oh for a little of that bounce! The hay chewing video is adorable. such mischievous expressions. :)

  5. Nothing is cuter than lambs playing or sleeping .....and I too would like peaceful nap with the dog and cat

  6. No one can match lambs for cuteness or cats for total relaxation.

  7. Thanks for the great close up photos of the creep feeder. I have been wanting to build similar feeders and appreciate the details you shared! Oh, yeah, the lambs are cute too.