Saturday, June 6, 2015


The sun was out in a clear blue sky today and it was perfect weather......for October.  We're having night temps in the mid 40s and today it didn't pass 60 with a stiff wind from the north.  Crazy weather.  At least it was a good day to take some pictures.

The big rams are really enjoying the cool weather.  Usually the midday sun sends them lumbering to the shade under the trees.

Tonight they came into the barnyard and stood around in a small group as though trying to decide what to do next - go inside and sit down or graze a little more in the small barn paddock.

B.B., aka Mr. B.,  is starting to turn gray!

  Wee Little Guy isn't so wee anymore and actually looks pretty studly but he's still very sweet.

I let Castillo keep his "cool hair" and so far it's staying clean - no burrs or chaff.

I still need to replace Nigel's eartag but there's no confusing him with anyone else so it can wait until we give yearly vaccinations (which is on The List..... sigh.)  He has cool Cotswold hair!

Down in the lower barn Snubby is always good for a picture or two.

"Is that grain in that bucket right there?"

"I could really use a bite of  that...... just sayin' ."

The lambs are harder to take pictures of.  They either move too fast or head right for me and all I see is nose prints on the lens. 

This is Stewart Little, the smallest bottle lamb this year.  Yes, he's named..... you know what that means - he'll have to "give up a little something" in order to stay as a pet down in the ewe flock.

Aannnnddd  of course he has one very best friend.  He's got no mom, I can't very well take away his best friend....... (I'm turning into SUCH a sucker...)..... Last year it was Peanut and Popcorn..... have to think of another name..... (smacks forehead with hand).

Stewart Little on left, and.....??????

"Um.....let's call him....."

"......Late for dinner!  HAHAHAHAHA!"
Oh, you boys!


  1. LOL!!
    Too cute ~ and I am glad you have a "cool hair" club going, too. There's always Snowbell...

  2. Or "Lucky" since he is Stewart's buddy and gets to stay. .

  3. Your Captions are Perfect! It looks like we will get our new place this summer so i can get SHEEP! Yahoo!

  4. George - Stuart's big "brother"?

  5. Mhor is Scots Gaelic for big, so he could have another Scots name like Stewart's and be Angus Mhor or something like that. There is a folk song called Si Beagh Si Mhor (Shee Beg Shee More) which means little fairy (mound) big fairy (mound.) :)