Monday, June 15, 2015

So Soggy

We have avoided the worst of the rain so far.  About ten miles from us they had five inches fall yesterday.  We felt fortunate to only receive 1.75, although we did get another half inch just the day before so the lawn and pastures are a sodden mess.  We are getting mighty twitchy about not yet making any hay but until this weather pattern changes there is no point even thinking about it.

The only pleasant aspect was that there was no lightening nor hard wind, just a straight down warm rain. The sheep would troop in, wet, wait until it let up and then head back out.  By the time they reached the far reaches of the pasture it started to rain again.  They really wouldn't have been wetter if they had just stayed out in it but only a latched gate would have convinced them.  ;-)

The wisps of fog coming out of the woods melted into the low cloud ceiling and made for a moody sort of view.

The lambs weren't thrilled with being out, but if mom stayed out then they did too.

Snubby was one of the intrepid ones who stayed out most of the day.  She was so waterlogged her curls hung straight.

The yearlings and geriatrics are still separated from the main flock and go to a different pasture which is working out pretty well.  There's no way we could bale a pasture for hay as we have done before so they might as well be working on two pastures at once.  The other two will end up being clipped back and mulching itself.  By the time it works to get them out there the grass would be older and tougher than they will want so we'll brush hog it back and by the time they need to go there it will be regrown.  Every year is different.

Here they are coming back in for the night.  The diversion ditch was still running a good amount of water and most of them jumped it rather than wade although it wasn't deep, just wide.  They weren't thrilled with me standing there holding the camera which is why they acted so spooky.  Anything unusual is likely Not Good if you're a sheep.

Stewart Little and his 'brothers' were happy to see me though.

"I'd be happier if I were dry."

"Us too.  My wool is wet.  Is your wool wet?"

"Yes.  Top side, bottom side, and everything in between.  Hmpf."

Wet is temporary, but of course you can't tell them that.


  1. Well you can send those wet lambs to me, next 7 day forecast is 100 to 104, we had a cooler day today after 106 yesterday, although I don't think 99 is really that much cooler

  2. " Hmpf " indeed! :-) Those wet noses are adorable!

  3. You'd think they'd be used to a camera by now! :)