Monday, November 23, 2015

Good Morning!

The day started out with reds and oranges that were too brief.  I could have enjoyed that show of color all day.  It also started out cold - only 20 degrees when Andy went out with Holly for morning walkies.  This ice is from the ram's outdoor water tub.  Yikes!

Saturday started shotgun season around here for deer so the sheep are now officially off pasture and in for the winter.  Alexandria, being toothless except for some molars, gets grain and alfalfa pellets and while everyone else was getting after the morning hay she came and stood in the sunny doorway.  It was as pleasant a place as one could be considering the temperature.

After we cleaned up the concrete yard as we do every day, she and a few other sheep came out to watch Andy roll the wheelbarrow back to the barn.  Big doings, if you're a sheep.

Alexandria, George and Stuart Little

"I wish he'd leave that out here.  It looks fun to play with."

Actually, they were mostly hovering around the yard hoping we'd open the big gate to the pasture.  They don't know yet that those days are over for the year.

Peanut is hanging in there.  

Her appetite is good, attitude is bright, and pain is manageable.  Her mobility is adequate for getting around her little pen - hay corner, water corner, sleeping corner, the corner with the best view of the other sheep.

"I'm doing pretty good.  Counting the days till I get out.  I wish mom would stop jabbing me in the butt every day.  But I get special hay so I guess it's OK.  Thank you, bloggy people, for all your good thoughts.  I think they are helping."

And we thank you all too!


  1. Brrrrr! I'm glad the lovely sunshine is out for you and the sheep. Continuing to send healing thoughts to sweet Peanut.

  2. What a beautiful, beautiful sunrise! You're about the same temps as here ~ stay warm! Oh little Peanut... you just keep getting better! Healing thoughts flying your way :-)

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