Sunday, April 10, 2016

Slumber Party

Sheep are gregarious herd animals, and especially so when it's on the chilly side.  This is what we see when coming in to do morning chores.  There's a lot of cud chewing, some sleeping, some staring into space and thinking, all on a nice warm bedding pack.  The original heated mattress!

But someone is always standing on guard.  I don't know how they decide whose turn it is, but it's super rare that at least one ewe isn't up and paying attention (even in familiar, comfortable surroundings) when everyone else is relaxing.  This morning it's old Gem who drew the short straw.

"Really?  You have to shoot me from that direction?  Do my horns make my butt look big?"

Notice she's got one eye cocked back at me.  Totally not alarmed, but going through the motions of being a good guard sheep.  

Makes me want to plop down somewhere in the pile and sleep..........


  1. If you photographed me from the butt end, I'd cock my eye at you too!

    Give Gem some special crunchies as an apology.

  2. Don't blame Gem... and I agree, extra crunchies are in order :-)