Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ugh, Not THIS Again

Last week lulled us into thinking that spring might really be here and if it did  happen to turn cold again it wouldn't be "that bad".  Well, wrong.  I should have known - years ago when I used to show sheep I'd be washing and trimming the week prior (yes, that would be the last week of April) with snow pack lingering in the sheep yard and icy hands from the wind and dreaming of being actually warm the next week in Maryland.
We had had another round of shearing scheduled for last Wednesday but the extended forecast looked pretty unpleasant for newly naked sheepies and we cancelled.  I'm SO glad we did.

Even though we can close up the barn quite a lot  these nighttime temps guarantee a degree of misery we wouldn't want to subject anybody to.  The ewes that have been shorn for the longest seem pretty well adjusted.  The more recent batch aren't suffering but they are standing and chewing cud vigorously in a nice close crowd like a group of Navy SEAL candidates undergoing cold water training....except for the cud chewing.  ;-)

They grumbled about going out to the bunk while we filled their feeders this morning.

And stampeded back in a few minutes later when Andy rolled open the big door.

Even Holly didn't want to go tromping off into the pasture this morning.  She was content to sit and watch the snow devils swirl through the lowest field.

This too shall pass, but I'll try to watch it go by from indoors as much as possible!


  1. Mother Nature.... makes you wonder sometimes. Stay warm ~ sending Spring thoughs your way!