Sunday, October 30, 2016

International Hug a Sheep Day!............Was Yesterday

And I knew it was and hugged a lot of sheep but didn't get the post up until now.  Maybe we can think of it like the Twelve Days of Christmas and make it last.  After all, every day is a good day to hug some sheep!

Salsa got a hug.......

So Gem and Snubby had to get one too.

Two hugs at once.

And Peanut gets her own hug.

And Brick and the other boys get hugs too. if you didn't get to hug sheep yesterday you still have time - like sending a thank you card, it's never too late!


  1. Thanks for hugging on my behalf- a virtual hug!

  2. How sweet it is to hug a sheep!

  3. Gosh, isn't Brick handsome! Such a royal nose, and beautiful eyes!

  4. Brick IS handsome! Great catch on the "official" days of the week listing! Wooohooo!!!!

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