Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October's Beautiful Moon

The full moon last weekend was The Hunter's Moon and a super moon to boot.  Alas, I couldn't get any nice pictures of it rising but today it was only two days past full and setting behind the trees in mid morning.  It was quite lovely with the colorful trees as contrast.

We've been making the most of the warm dry weather.  We went to the woods to take down some dying ash for firewood.  Of course that meant a fun outing for Holly!  It was actually a bit gray and damp on Sunday but not enough to stop us.

It was very still with not a breath of air moving which is very helpful when getting trees to go where you want them.

And Holly has to walk the length of a few of them just for fun.  It must be an interesting perspective to be up off the ground with a better view of things.

I finally finished the new flower bed next to the front door.  Some of the plants are transplants from other beds here but most of them are new - a splurge to mark the occasion.  They are all perennials - unless they die over winter in which case they were annuals.  :-/

There's still a good bit of room to stick in other things so I'll keep my eyes open for end of year sales.  And of course there's an unending stream of garden catalogs coming in the mail.

My garden gargoyle had been tipped over in a neglected bed for some time and I resurrected him to sit front and center in the new bed. 

"She put me here without even brushing off all the dirt.  Good grief."

I'm sure by spring the dirt will have all been removed by the weather and I'll have to pull him out and give him a new coat of paint as I see several patches of bare concrete on him.

"This giant garden is already full of plants and stuff.  Let's just sit here and study it."

Dog logic......is pretty smart sometimes!


  1. Stunning Fall color capture!!! Love the Gargoyle with an attitude!! LOL

  2. What beautiful fall color! The moon right now is so bright it wakes us up at night.

    Why do dogs like to use trees and curbs as balance beams?

  3. Love your new flower bed - especially how you worked in the larger rocks with the slabs...
    I've never thought of taking a "moon shot" in the daytime - and especially with a great backdrop of fall trees!