Saturday, May 14, 2011

Desperate Times.... for desperate measures.

It's 8 PM Friday night.  The mittens for tomorrow's guild exchange are still wet from washing.  It's raining out, and too humid in the house to dry.  I still need to add an embellishment to the finished (which means 'dry') mittens.  Something must be done.  (Something other than having finished them earlier, that is.)

MacGyver would be proud

The nerd in me is amused that I figured out a way to get them dry in about 15 minutes. 

A pair....wait...geez, they still aren't identical

OK, despite a practice pair of mittens that preceeded them, I have still managed to 1. have them turn out differently in color, and 2. have thumbs and tops that aren't quite shaped the same.  On the upside, the cuffs are more 'cuffy' than the first pair, and they are both about the same girth.  Despite the fact that I frequently held the 4 dpns with as much finesse as a drunken monkey I really think that I could muddle through another pair without having to refer to the pattern.  Thank you, Genesee Valley Handspinners Guild, you forced me to learn something!  (Not that they forced me - they aren't like that at all, they are all very nice people who would never publicly shame you for non-participation....   I mean, I volunteered for the project, but they did provide the spur to encourage me to make the effort).

Beads!  Click to biggify.

And lookie here....I even embellished!  Oh yeah, I'm runnin' with the big dogs now.

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  1. McGyver isn't the only one proud of you...those are great mittens and I"m only sad that they weren't mine!