Thursday, May 5, 2011

Supper Time

Things change so quickly with lambs.  The majority of them have discovered the joys of alfalfa hay.  They have their own creep area that the ewes can't enter, and even though there is room at the other end, they seem to enjoy crowding each other.  It's not worth eating unless I took it away from somebody!

Mine!  Mine!  Mine!

Well heck, if nobody's gonna eat that......I can juuuust reach it. that better over there?

And BB, the bottle lamb, and the others who have been getting supplemented have graduated to the nurse bucket.  Feeding that lot lately has been like showing up for a mugging four times a day: total thuggery - pawing, jumping, shoving......   No personal service now, but it's always there for a slurp as you're going by.

"Momma" had a makeover, kids.

Don't worry, they still get hugs.


  1. Not sure what made me laugh more: total thuggery or Momma got a makeover!