Thursday, August 11, 2011

Standing (OK, Lying) On Principle

This is Holly in her chair.  She picked this as Her Spot when she was still a little puppy.  If nothing interesting is happening in the house, she goes here and gets comfy.

I'm comfy.  Really.

Enter Calvin the kitten this spring.  Calvin has no sense of personal space.  He would love to curl up with Holly in her chair, but since she considers herself Queen Over All Cats, this is beneath her.  Calvin is not big, and they could certainly both be on the chair.

Plenty of room.  See?  I even left you a spot.

Holly made the choice to not share the chair.  Somehow she's decided this is the next best spot.

Hmpf.  The Queen does. not. share.

Gosh, you're really showing him!  Boy, he'll be sorry now!  You really know how to.....wait a minute.... Oh.

And there's a lesson for everyone.