Saturday, August 13, 2011

Triple Threat

So the new skein winder has the capacity to make 3 skeins at a time.  Keeping the cones of yarn corralled during the process was proving daunting.  Once the cone became half empty, it was light enough to tip over and instantly take the others with it.  Argh.  Yarn tangled together in floor fuzz was not part of the plan.  Enter Hand Dandy Andy again.

You WILL stand up straight!

A nice heavy oak board with three vertical dowels holds the cones so they can't escape.  The strands of yarn whip around pretty good as the speed increases.  We might have to space the dowels out a little more.  If those yarns cross while moving it could get pretty ugly.


Every improvement comes with built-in room for a tweak..........


  1. That Andy. I might need to order a similar set up as a kate for my miniSpinner bobbins - too big for anything I have here and I'd rather have something nifty like that than a big box with knitting needles stuck through it :-).

  2. It's good to have a handy hubby (and I speak from experience)!