Saturday, August 27, 2011

Time Marches On

.......and in fact has trampled all over my good intentions to blog frequently.  The days are full, but not exciting enough to chronicle.  I've been busy skirting fleeces for the last person on the reservation list (she's getting 11), and also skirting those that are entered in the state fair.  I'll be taking them there next Thursday for the show and also will be spending a stint behind the fence in the Wool Building demonstrating spinning.  Guaranteed to be a good time.

With some diligent watering the flowers are looking nice.

Mailbox on other end of planter.

I'd complain about getting buried........but they're flowers.

And at the close of the day we get a light show courtesy of Hurricane Irene.  We're supposed to only get about a half inch of rain tomorrow and some mild wind, but the sky tonight is plenty dramatic.

Red sky at night, sailor's de-..........wait a minute, that can't be right.  I KNOW there's a storm coming.

This time of year the rams come to expect some dropped apples and pears when they come into the night pasture by the barn.  The old trees set a lot of fruit this spring, but with the dry summer and the advancing season the trees are kicking some off.  The sheep are a lot more careful about eating them than cows are and we don't worry (too) much that someone will try to swallow one whole and choke.

Excuse me, could you please stop taking pictures and give us the apples???

Real funny, throwing them off into the dark.  Har, har.  Sheesh.

And if you didn't know what they were, the eyes looking back at you in the dark would give a person the willies.


Tomorrow I WILL blog about something really, really cool here........... stay tuned.