Friday, March 2, 2012

A Noteworthy Day

Besides being my Aunt Edith's 91st birthday, today is also momentous in two other ways.  First, it's the One Year Blogiversary of KDIS.  I haven't been as diligent as I had planned to be, but we have chronicled quite a bit of life here on the farm and now that I have a year of practice under my belt I'm hoping the frequency (and maybe content) will improve.

So, to start off well in that intent......... I bring you some of the participants in the first round of shearing, 2012!

Ooh, I hate this undignified

Seriously?!  You're taking pictures of me like this??

Gem and her nice gray fleece

Ashes and her amazingly faded silver fleece - was black last year

Whiskey, and her faded (and sunbleached on the tips) moorit fleece

Due to a delay this morning, we were only able to get through 31 ewes this time.  Yesterday we had gone through all the ewes and "felt them up" to see who had the most advanced udders.  We pulled out 50 who will probably lamb in the first 2 weeks of the lambing season.  He'll be back on Tuesday and we'll hope to get through the rest of today's lot plus as many of the less developed ewes as he can manage.  That will leave a third round of late bred ewes, unbred geriatrics and ewe lambs (now yearlings getting their first shearing), rams and wethers.  It would be great to have eveyone done before lambing starts (March 20!) but last year we - and he - couldn't make it work for the rams until into May.

Holly waited patiently in the barn all afternoon, checking in occasionally to see if we were ready to do something more fun.

Mommmm?  When are you going to be done? I'm boooored.

Good dog, Holly.  We'll do something more to your liking tomorrow.


  1. Magic and Molly spent much of today outside or in the mill with Cheryl and I while we finished up the Stash Stew project. They both really liked it when we piled up all the bags of fluff outside for a photo shoot.

  2. Great pics. Love the gray fleece. Can't wait to see some pics of the little lambs!

  3. Happy Blogiversary :-D. Pretty gray!