Sunday, March 11, 2012

Then and Now

What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday was snowy, windy and a high in the mid-20s.  It was so pleasant to work in the wool shop skirting fleece for an order.  The scent of paperwhites certainly conflicted with the view.

One of the barn kitties left perfect little footprints in the snow outside the door.

I often wonder how it is that their bare pads don't freeze when they are out in this weather - and worse! 

Today dawned clear and we enjoyed sun without one cloud all day long.  Temps also got up into the upper 50s which was wonderful from my perspective.  Coincidentally, last night we 'sprang ahead' to effect Daylight Savings Time, so the "extra hour of sun" must have warmed us up.  Ha Ha.  That inane quote is courtesy of our doltish weatherman on TV who earnestly told us  "Now we have an extra hour of sunlight!"  Uhh, nooo...... we have as many hours as we did yesterday, we're just getting up an hour earlier to use more of it.  Twit.

Angel came over for a play date with Holly, which was a good excuse to come outside and sit in the sun. 

By the time they got done horsing around they were pretty warm, so they scaled back the action to 'I'll bite your leg and you bite mine'.

It's always fun to watch them play, but it was especially cheering after this morning.  Unfortunately, Wabbit aborted a set of triplets early today.  One lamb appeared to have died and nature told her to dump it, which sadly took the other two out also.  They were not developed enough to be viable, but far enough along to have it be a sad event.  She seems fine and should be able to carry lambs in the future.  Also, her udder wasn't very full and should regress with no issues.  Maybe that will be our bit of bad luck for this season and the rest of lambing will go fine.

Tomorrow it's back to the skirting table..... but with a little time out to enjoy the sun.

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  1. Just finished helping a friend shear her sheep and learned about "skirting." She told me the skirted pieces make excellent mulch and I can't wait to try it in my rose beds!