Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Most Excellent Adventure

The big day finally came and we loaded up the truck and we moved to Beverlyyyyyyy.

No, just kidding, we loaded up the truck and took six of this year's lambs to Thecrazysheeplady at Equinox Farm.  Which is way better than moving ANYwhere.

Julie came along as co-pilot which left Andy and Red both alone to struggle on without us as best they could.  Heh.  We stopped at a rest area in upper Ohio and had lunch from the cooler of goodies we brought while the lambs had a chance to get a drink of water carried from home in the vinegar jugs.  I use a lot of that in dyeing.  The picnic tables were close by so we left the back gate open for extra air circulation.  They were totally happy - a little on the warm side, but so were we.

"Do you think you brought enough water?  Seven gallons might not be enough!"

We stopped a few more times along the way and the trip took longer than we had planned - almost twelve hours.  Due to road construction and big congestion delays in Cincinnati we didn't get to the farm until late evening.  As soon as the sheep were off the truck and Hank the Wonderdog said hello they all went right to grazing in gorgeous deep grass.  And Sara went right to taking pictures.  She is one of them there professional and artistic peoples who takes photos a whole lot nicer than mine and you can see them on her blog.

Hank was so happy with new friends to guard that he went belly-up and got a good scritching.

The next day one lamb went to his new home at a neighboring farm but the rest barely noticed.  Two more will be going to another farm this week and Sara will keep three.

The rest of the weekend we did all fun things connected to the animals.

We fed the sheep treats..........

Mmmmm, Cheerios are best right out of the box!

Gave the horses some love.....

Handsome Hickory with his grazing muzzle (worn to reduce grazing lush grass and prevent founder)
Fed the Adventure Chickens some table scraps.....

Stale crackers and grit!  Yummy!
We watched the sheep mosey out for grass......
......from the porch of the Wool House.
All too soon the blissful weekend with our generous hosts was over and we headed home.  We went back on different roads than we came down on and took the Ole Agusta Ferry across the Ohio River.  It was a first for me and lots of fun!
It had just dropped someone off on the other side and turned to come back for me.  You park your vehicle at the designated spot so they can see you and they come and fetch you.  No waiting, you don't have to have a whole load of people, you can get out and walk on the deck as they go across the river..... very cool!
The tug pushes the platform up to the "dock" which looks more like a concrete boat launch than anything.  Once it stops you let the riding car off and then drive down the ramp and onto the steel deck.
The ferry is name the Jenny Ann.  I wonder who she was, who meant so much to someone that they named the craft after her.

The water was muddy from the recent heavy rains everywhere.  There were branches and a little trash too, but mostly tree debris.  A really big fish jumped while we were in the middle but we only caught the landing splash.  Darn.
It was a great trip and a return visit can't happen soon enough!


  1. Nice that you had just enough space (and vinegar bottles) that you did not have to drag along a trailer. Loved Sara's pictures she posted. I sent her an email, I think she should name Marcel's brother Marceau.

    BTW your pictures are great too.

  2. I just love visiting Sara! She is the best!!!! We have watched that ferry many times but have never got to ride on it. Maybe someday........

  3. oh my goodness..... did you two have fun! i can just hear all the laughter with julie as your co-pilot. a most excellent adventure indeed!

  4. Your pictures are great! Love the one with me taking the pictures of Hank and his new sheeps. Well, not the me part, but the layering part ;-). It was so quiet and sad when you left :-(. I sure hope you come again!

  5. My boy has settled in just fine. We sheared him on Sunday and he is much more comfortable now. (It's been ugly hot since you all left for cooler pastures!) I'm in love with his fleece and can't wait until shearing next spring, when I can get my hands on the whole thing and to see how much of that gorgeousness he will pass on to his babies! Thanks so much for bringing all the boys down to Kentucky! Dianne@ http://kysheepdreams.com

  6. Your pictures are wonderful!! And I enjoyed hearing about your travels to Ky, too.

  7. Kentucky and the Equinox just ain't the same since you and Julie left. We are looking forward to your return and your co-pilot.