Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Calling MacGyver

When we had our neighbor Red weld up a spiffy crate for hauling sheep in the back of the pickup I figured that would handle anything that didn't require the whole trailer.  Turns out that wasn't quite true.  I'm happy to be taking six lambs to a new home a few states away, but six lambs are not going to fit in the crate.  And I really don't want to haul the trailer hundreds of miles for just six lambs.  What to do... what to do....

In a move that would have made MacGyver proud That Andy took a wire grid livestock panel (we use them when constucting hay feeders for the sheep) and fabricated an inner barrier which will keep young ram noses off the window screens and away from the back window and  wiring for the truck tail lights.

He cut out gridwork to accomdate the wheel wells and gave the panel a bend to allow for the curve of the cap.

I managed to secure the wiring in an empty plastic bottle and used duct tape to hold it securely.  Once the back 'door' panel is in place the lambs will only be able to nudge the bottom of the bottle.  Better to prevent a problem than try to explain to a state trooper why my turn signals don't work.

So, gridwork panels on both sides, but not toward the cab of the truck as it doesn't seem likely that they will be crazed and try to crash through.  Plus, the backseat will have enough stuff piled up that it won't look very inviting to a sheep.  That opens up a lot of floor space in front of and behind the wheel wells that will make all the difference for animals travelling a long distance. 

The two back panels overlap by about six inches.  The larger one on the right is tied such that it's in a fixed position.  The smaller one on the left will swing open for loading and unloading and to put a water bucket in during rest stops.
Put some nice deep straw bedding down and I'd be happy to travel in there myself.


  1. What amazing ingenuity! I hope the lambs are happy in their new home. Safe travels!

  2. The two of you can solve almost anything!

  3. I bet some of those lambs are going to my friend's farm in Kentucky. A great solution!

  4. Good work and I see the move was successful and all arrived safe and sound.