Sunday, July 14, 2013

Going Buggy

I love insects but was concerned that I wouldn't be able to find a subject that would hold still long enough for me to focus, fiddle with the lighting, etc.  And I didn't think dead bugs were a fair (or fun) subject.  Wendesday night was warm and damp and while there were a million fireflys out, there was no way I could do them justice.  But, at bedtime barn check I found not one, not two, but FOUR of these lovely Waved Sphinx moths clinging to the boards of the lamb pens under the night light.

I had to look him (or her) up as I thought I knew what it was but wasn't positive.  I love being able to find information so easily. 

The moths were so calm I lifted one's wing to see if there were bright colors on the body or underwing, but they were all soft shades of gray/brown. 

I've heard that a great way to attract moths if you want to see what species are in your area is to hang a white sheet between to trees in the woods, splash some beer on it and set a Coleman lantern near it or spotlight shing on it and moths will come from all over, settle, and you can ID them.  I have to wonder if it wouldn't be more sensible to put up the sheet and the lighting but then drink the beer while you wait for the moths.


  1. Beautiful moth, I like your suggestion for attracting moths, why waste good beer on the moths..:-))

  2. What a beautiful creature. I can just imagine that pattern on a wool sweater.
    Great pictures. Thanks for identifying it, too.