Thursday, January 16, 2014

Random Thursday

Pictures that don't have a big narrative, just daily scenes.

Last week.

Tuxedo - "Aren't you ever going to let us in for breakfast?"
"A sheep could starve to death out here.....oh, it's only been 10 minutes?  Well.....that's still a long time."
Then we had a big thaw and all the snow melted.  This morning the big rams came out to horse around and get some fresh air.

Waiting in the sheep yard doesn't mean having to stand around in the snow. 

Front to back - Drambui, Mickey, Gooseberry, Bug, Ruby, Luna, Shasta and Kisses
And Mr. Bill.
"Really?  You have to take my picture with the gate tied in two places?  Like I'd have anything to do with trying to open a gate.... geez."

And Clem in the sun.

More story next time.

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  1. You know, the "thermometer" on our phones just doesn't have the same feel to it. Love your pictures!