Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Stills - White!

So for this week its another colour challenge and I do believe we have never done white before and since its winter here in the northern hemisphere I figured why not??

A ewe named Pretty, squinting in the bright sun.  She's Pearl's last daughter.

Elderly Bunny, against the snow.  She'll be eleven in April.

"I'm white....really."
The fleece on one of the Cotswold ewes.

Cleo, trying to find a little warmth from the sun.  It was two degrees in the barn Friday morning.

Holly, out surveying her domain behind the barn while we did chores.

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  1. That Cotswold fleece is beautiful, looks so shiny and clean. Stay warm, Stay dry.

  2. Beautiful shots. I too, love the way that Cotswold fleece looks!